Firemen cars from Austria will now be put into service

Ten years have 315 executed rusts brand new fire truck from Austria in Bangkok right – now wanted the administrative capital revamp the vehicles and put into service. However, the optimistic plans are marred, according to the deputy heads of authorities Jakkapan Phiewngam. At least eight cars were damaged beyond repair, he told the German Press Agency on Thursday. The Authority had hoped, 71 To ask vehicles by the end of October in service.

The Viennese company Steyr-Daimler-Puch special vehicle – Today GD European Land Systems (GDELS) Steyr – had the 315 ordered Firetrucks 2006 und 2007 ausgeliefert. However, the unusually high price called the anti-corruption police on the scene. There followed a years of dispute. Two Thais were 2013 sentenced to imprisonment for tampering with the contract.

Nevertheless, the vehicles were due to a dispute about, who was legal owner, continue around in a parking lot. Then decided dishes, that the city's first 176 should make cars in the coming months in service. The next argument is already programmed: The park owner requests of parking fees 900 Millionen Baht (rund 23 Millionen Euro). The city administration had the money and fear, that the park owners confiscated the fire trucks, gTE Jakkapan.

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