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The Nation – …….Thailands Gesundheitsministerium hat ein neues Programm eingeführt, um   “Hockklos”   in allen öffentlichen Einrichtungen durch Sitzklos zu ersetzen, sagten Beamte am Dienstag. Der stellvertretender Gesundheitsminister Surawit Khonsomboon sagte, dass die neue   “Klo-Politik”   notwendig geworden sei, um das Land auf die immer älter werdende Gesellschaft vorzubereiten. Im Jahr 2015 werden 14 % der Bevölkerung über 60 Jahre alt sein, verglichen mit 10 Prozent im Jahr 2005, nach dem United Nations Population Fund.


Von gateot

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7. Juli 2012 3:41 am

Harry W. Thanks for links. Your posts are always intreesting.Following the link to the new constitution. Overthrown by the military, imposed new constitution. All things to raise suspicion. However there in the constitution is: The inclusion of King Bhumibol’s theory of a self-sufficient economy in the preamble. Following the link in that phrase it links to localism which has this description:Localists assert that throughout the world’s history, the scale of most social and economic institutions has been scaled at the local level, as opposed to regional, inter-regional, or global (basically until the late 19th-early 20th centuries). Only with imperialism and the industrial revolution did local scales become denigrated. Most strands of localism position themselves as defending aspects of this earlier way of life; the phrase relocalization is often used in this sense. That seems to me a good model for the times to come.I would think that there would be larger forces willing to support someone to overcome Thailand’s long standing independence first from colonialism, and perhaps now from rigged market capitalism.We can’t see it yet but I have a suspicion that the forces that Tony Joh alluded to behind both sides’ and which made the Thai Baht go up during the disturbances, could just be the same ones plaguing Greece and Iceland. I know that Thailand has a whole court of elites around the royal family, but Thailand has remained somewhat independent and has been following a road of development that is better than it’s neighbors.The red shirts have the sympathy now with 21 deaths, but we don’t really know for sure if the bullets we saw in Joh’s film came out of the soldiers guns. Some of the people on the other side apparently had guns. We really don’t know. I am interested to hear the other side.

20. Juni 2012 1:50 am

Wieso, …. man “hockt” einfach nur etwas hoeher.

20. Juni 2012 1:33 am

Leider fehlt auch bei den Klo`s genau wie bei den Tablets
eine Ausbildung wie man solche Dinger benutzt.
Aber die Bruttomarge ist bestimmt besser.

19. Juni 2012 2:36 am

also ein neues Klo-Projekt, da es mit dem Tablets nicht so richtig funktioniert.

Vermutlich hat Thaksin bei seinem letzten China-Besuch eine marode Klomuschel-Fabrik aufgekauft und versucht nun die Lagerbestände zu leeren 🙂

Am besten als ersten Test nach Inbetriebnahme gleich die gesamte Regierung runterspülen. Dann hätte die Investition wenigstens einen Sinn.

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