“Demokrat”: Vorladung wegen Mordes

Bangkok Post – ……Der Abgeordnete der   “Demokratischen Partei”   Khanchit Thapsuwan wurde im Zusammenhang mit dem Mord an Udon Kraiwatnussorn zur Vernehmung bei der Polizei vorgeladen. Khanchit muss der polizeilichen Vorladung bis zum 27. Juni nachkommen. Khanchit wird von der Polizei des Mordes an Udon Kraiwatnussorn beschuldigt, ehemaliger Präsident der Provinzverwaltung von Samut Sakhon. Udon wurde am 25. Dezember des vergangenen Jahres an einer Tankstelle im Bezirk Muang von Samut Sakhon erschossen.
Der Abgeordente der   “Demokratischen Partei”,   der auch des illegalen Waffenbesitzes beschuldigt wird, hat sich bisher nicht bei der Polizei gemeldet, da er durch die parlamentarische Immunität geschützt war.

Aufgrund der parlamentarischen Sitzungspause wurde er nun vorgeladen.

Khanchit erklärte, dass er sich am 26. Juni um 9 Uhr bei der Polizei melden werde.


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21. Juni 2012 11:35 am

Khanchit erklärte, dass er sich am 26. Juni um 9 Uhr bei der Polizei melden werde.

Ob die dann schon da sind?
Vielleicht weckt Chalerm sie ja extra dafür.
Was macht Takkis Hilfssheriff eigentlich?
Ist so ruhig geworden.
Keine Bombenstories mehr.

7. Juli 2012 12:34 am
Reply to  berndgrimm

it already, it is celrianty related to the whole shit happening in the world, struggle for money power etc. it would be naive to think otherwise. Democracy ? give me a break ! where in the world there is a real democracy or ever been, since Athenian Democracy ( = rule by Demos , the slave-owners citizens who were only native adult males who served in army, minus women, non native born, half bloods, etc etc) !thus even this red-shirt movement , although fighting for democracy they just don’t know how to call whatever they want to achieve, but main thing they want is their rights to have equal opportunities.but as Max said (I remember in some video): when bankers want more money it is called capitalism , but when peasants want the same (more money) that is called communism so, regarding follow the money .well, I think it is too big subject Stacy and Max are experts in it. personally I think that world economy is F*d, as long as Fed and other Banksters run the whole show. and it is not the matter of IF but When shit finally hits the fan, or perhaps rather some tidal wave of shit, as shit-tsunami, smashes whatever remains of world’s economy. so, in regards to Thailand, as I guess you ask your question, the way things going (all the burrowing, the stimulus or as ThaiCrisi blog calls it dildo economy ) I have very strong doubt that things are gonna be better anytime soon, only worse.and I bet the current Thai government are fully aware of that, and in reality under the cover of this stimulus package called Thai Pride by Finance Minister The Bankster Korn they are simply hurriedly stuffing their pockets with as much guap as they can, while they still can. wel,, of course to be able to do that they have to share with all others, like Coalition member-parties, bureaucrats (all those permanent workers in Ministries, etc), army, banks, etc. for example, one of projects initiated by Bankster Korn is to buy debt from banks and even non-officiall money lenders, and so free 1mln farmers from debt which is in reality, transfer their debts to gov. account, and even that, to sign off only 50% of it. which means they’ll pay farmers’ debts to those lenders with mocuh LOWER interest (or those who’ll try to refuse they’ll force, send audits ! ) and other 50% of debt farmers will still have to pay, only now not to banks or lenders but to government (= more precisely, to Finance Ministry and Central Bank).so, ThaiCrisis blog has the most extensive analysis of Thai Economy and finances you can read details there.but the point is with the current Democrat’ government Thai Economy is as F*d as US, UK etc., or may be even more so because it depends a lot on tourism (which is obviously down since due to global economic crisis there are less people who can afford to travel abroad, or at all) and export (which is also down due to US$ being F*d ans soon may be totally completely F*D). current Democrat’ government do not take any serious measures to develop and strengthen local domestic economy only some mega-projects which would enable them and their allies and supporters to feed upon for years to come. for that they are gonna BURROW more money the stimulus package.and of course who is gonna pay back ? taxpayers.who are already in virtual serfdom, and have nothing else than their debts.but hey, the main rule of modern global financial system is Money is debt, debt is money right ? therefore, local Thai Bankster Korn and his buddy PM Abhisit are desperately and hurriedly try to make sure to create MORE DEBT, in the process stuffing their own pockets.well, sorry to disappoint you but this is the reality. most of people nowadays advise to invest into food and even water resources (ala Quantum of Solace movie). but with all the Thai laws I am not sure that foreigners can be allowed to invest here in anything which involves such resources. like foreigners can’t buy / own land, do farming, etc.therefore, honestly I do not know what to advice you, if your question was related to business in Thailand. perhaps ThaiCrisis blog may provide you some clues.Cheers !